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T.E.J.A.A.D. Publishing

T.E.J.A.A.D. Publishing, although new, has taken a name that has been around since 1987.


Met with positive feedback, this was the year a united effort was introduced into the Craton home.


With the help of all four children, Tobias, Jadeaus, Arkus, and Drene (Adrènus), a plan was put in place to facilitate the recuperation of their mother. The family operation was and to this day remains, T.J.A.D., a combination of the children's first initials.


There was a need to reflect the same efforts towards working hard and being successful within this publishing company. Therefore, T.E.J.A.A.D., a combination of the entire family's first initials, was suitably designated as the name for their publishing company.


This idea was met with smiles and memories of when all were living back home together. Although not a publishing company all those years ago, today T.E.J.A.A.D. Publishing exerts the same efforts toward working as a team.


T.E.J.A.A.D. Publishing is owned by author, Denice Enoch Craton, and has the full support of her family. They have come on board with all of their success, expertise, candor, and skill - qualities that have been developed and refined over the years.


T.E.J.A.A.D. Publishing is located in South central Texas. A new company and ready to meet the challenge.

T.E.J.A.A.D. Publishing 1987