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Hello, my name is Denice. I live in a small rural town in South Central Texas. The house being described in chapter one of THE JOURNEY is my home. It is truly country living at its best. I just love it here, surrounded by all of the pine trees, cottonwood trees, and oaks. It makes for the best of surroundings as I type until my heart is content.


I have begun to write only recently and since then I have wondered, "Why not sooner?" It is fascinating to me - forming thoughts that lead a reader through what I think is a vivid imagination of mine - making for plot, intrigue, and just plain 'ole good reading.


Already a multi-entrepreneur, self-publishing my novels has taken front seat to my other business activities. This accounts for the busy schedule that I love so much. I am the owner of T.E.J.A.A.D. Publishing, one more venture I have chosen to take on in my life.


I have taken up writing as something to be reckoned with, as an abundance of what life has to offer. It has made way to an ever peaceful, content, inward personality that I convey in my writings, with its everlasting array of life: both real and imagined.

In regard to a writer name, after much deliberation within my own mind, I decided on Denice Enoch Craton. I knew I did not want a pseudo name, although my high school nickname came to mind. It was a name given to me by my Cuero, Texas high school volleyball teammates, Atom Ant. I was given this name because my serves across the net were so powerful, yet they came from such a tiny person.  


From my travels, I have with broadened mind portrayed countless visuals as what makes one able to see with, not only God-given sight, but also with the luminaries, so placed for the benefit of all mankind and this has captured my utmost attention as nothing has in my whole life of living.