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"It's time to tell all..." ~ Denice Enoch Craton

The lives of my children are all so precious to me. Although I did not record in writing the stages of my children's lives as they grew up, I have already inscribed every detail into my heart. I can now call to mind anything from each of their childhoods, at any given moment.


One way I do this is by sharing excerpts from our lives as they grow and mature throughout my novels.


Without a doubt, parents and young people alike will identify with these novels. It is as if I had a peek into their own family life.


The realness of my writing was awakened by the single fact that life goes on after tragedy.


The tragedy I refer to is the death of my son, Jadeaus Cory Craton. [January 21, 1976- October 6, 1999]  His death was from complications of Sickle Cell anemia. It is in loving memory of Jadeaus that I began writing...

I was inspired to write about what I know, what I have, what I had, and what I want. It has allowed me to venture from my local comfort zones to travel on both a domestic and international level.


With a broadened mind I see more than what is tangible, and to touch in the distance is to bring in much.


This is true, not only for my own personal fulfillment, but also for the enjoyment and satisfaction of simply filling of a need for any who are inclined toward picking up a good book.

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